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Needing Help

Someone Truly Cares About YOU!

Remember, our Father God loves you and cares so much for you, and He desires only the best for you! Jesus came so that you might have abundant life and that you will carry forward the plans He has for you. He, too, is our redeemer and great physician. He can redeem our suffering that we have endured, and also provide healing.

Women Living Well Ministries exists to encourage and support women in walking in their faith and knowing how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through studying the Word of God and seeking counsel through prayer. While our concerns reach further than these points, our areas of providing professional expertise do not. We are thankful and blessed that there are others who are equipped with wisdom and counsel to assist you in this time of crisis. Are you needing help today? Or feel that you are contemplating suicide? We urge you to reach out to someone now. If you are in a state of emergency and feel like you cannot trust yourself with your own life, we beg you to call 911. If you are not in a current state of emergency and thoughts of suicide have seriously entered your mind, we urge you to please contact your home church right away. Inform your pastor or a member of your church leadership that you are suffering and at risk. Please allow people to care and help you, and show you that your life matters.

We also understand that you may prefer to contact a hotline. For this reason we listed two options below. The two hotlines give you the opportunity to talk to someone confidentially while still receiving the assistance you need. The people who answer these hotline calls are trained experts who are here to listen to you. Please do not be surprised for they may also refer you to local resources (such as a counseling service within your area) that will be able to further help you.

YOUR LIFE MATTERS to many!  Talk to someone today for YOU ARE WORTH IT!

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Counseling Services and Referrals - Focus on the Family



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